Frequently Asked Questions

Appointment & Consultation

Do I need to schedule an appointment to view your gowns?

Prior appointments are recommended! By making an appointment with us, our team can offer you personalized services, and you can have our undivided attention on a one-to-one basis.


When can I make an appointment with you?

We are open Monday to Saturday, and appointments commence at 1130am. Our last appointment on weekdays is at 7pm, and 6pm on weekends. For full operating hours, please refer here.


What is the duration of an appointment with you?

First appointments usually last between 45mins to an hour. Subsequent appointments are arranged based on the needs of our brides and the availability of our team.


Who and what should I bring with me to my first appointment?

We encourage our brides to share with us their wedding visions and ideas, so go ahead and bring pictures of your ideal gown. Feel free to bring along with you a couple of loved ones whose opinions you trust too!


Do you offer alterations for your gowns, and if yes, how many times?

At Amanda Lee Weddings, we only want the best for our bride and groom. As such, we schedule alterations in preparation for your pre-wedding photo shoot and of course, your big day. 


How many fitting sessions will there be?

We offer our brides an average of three fittings leading up to your wedding; two before your pre-wedding photo shoot, and once before your big day.

Our Gowns

Where are your gowns made?

All our creations are designed in-house and produced locally in Singapore.


Are your gowns only made-to-measure?

We offer our brides both off-the-rack and customized gowns, depending on your preference and budget. Our gowns are not only one-of-a-kind, but also limited to one piece per design. We understand the anxiety of finding the dress, and no matter your preference, our team works hard to ensure that your gown will be tailored to your every desire!


How long will it take to order a made-to-measure gown?

Customized gowns usually take six to eight months to be ready for your big day, but the duration still varies from bride to bride, depending on various factors such as the choice of fabric, design etc. Our team can best advise you on this on your first appointment. 


Do you offer rental of your gowns?

Yes, we do! Once the choice has been made, it will be kept safely just for you until your big day. Please call us at +65 63336678 if you wish to enquire about the price of our gowns, both rental and purchase.


Am I allowed to use my gown for pre-wedding shoots?

We do not charge extra should our brides wish to take their gowns out for pre-wedding shoots, as they are reserved for you once you have confirmed it. We do advise our brides however, to keep the actual day gowns in as best condition as possible, as should it be necessary, laundry charges do apply.


Do you offer partial payments or deposits for your gowns?

We advise our brides to make a 50% downpayment in order to reserve the gowns of their choice.


Other Services

Do you offer wedding packages?

At Amanda Lee Weddings, we focus on crafting the perfect gown for you, and currently we only offer gown packages. However, we would be more than happy to recommend some of whom we work with, to help make your wedding a happy one!