Chanel & Martin


Chanel & Martin


When it comes to wedding themes, we've seen quite a fair bit of couples who wanted a "simple" concept, but always ending up with logistic nightmares. Not for Chanel and Martin, the photographer + model duo who met on a music video set (whom later we knew were a little shy the first time they met), pulled off the wedding of their dreams with the help of their closest. 

The celebration, with a relatively interesting Hawaii theme (oh yeah aloha!) was definitely the epitome of what we call a "chill" wedding! 



So... how did the hawaiian theme come about?

"We wanted something that matched our personalities, and we wanted it to be a celebration. I also wanted to be in flats and my guests to be in flats! I just wanted to be comfortable. I think food can only be enjoyed properly when you are comfortable. Another important point to us was that we didn't want our guests to worry about the ang pow, something low-key and fun was definitely always on our radar. We are glad we both share the same sentiment!"



"My aim was to make everyone a walking decor. We got everyone flower garlands and ring pops as a door gift and told our guests to come in dressed in colourful clothes and flip flops!"


Seems like it's a wedding get-together + party! There must be some requirements for the wedding dress then!

"I only started looking at bride dresses for the fun of it around my mid 20s or so and I would always send pictures of two-pieces to my close friends (hence the eventual choice of a two-piece gown!). I always wanted something chic and something easy to move around in, I also always knew I would be wearing flats on my wedding day. I wore rainbow boots from Dr Martens at my wedding party!"


Any memorable moments leading up to your wedding day?

"Well our friends were really worried because our wedding party was so chill and really didn't take much to plan. I feel like the little milestones along the way make good memories, like getting our wedding bands together and booking the venue made it feel very real. But my forever memory is definitely the night of the party, to see all my relatives and friends dancing together. You don't get to see that often."


"We also held a limbo rock contest and gave Salonpas as a prize hahah, hula hoop contest and we had a shortest shorts contest as well. It was a really great night, so many of our guests participated! Everyone was surely entertained."


Any wedding advice for soon-to-be-wed couples?

"Martin and I are very lucky to have parents (on both sides) who supported our decision for an unconventional party. My aunties, his aunties, uncles and our cousins were all up on their feet and dancing! I would say the best memories come from imperfection and not to sweat it on the small stuff, it always works out!"

Chanel's Wedding gown / Amanda Lee Weddings

Photographer: Colossal Weddings (@colossalweddings)

Hair and make up artist: Marie Soh - (

Flowers: Astrid Jane Flowers (@astridjaneflowers)

Venue: Camp Kilo Charcoal Club

Event styling/ Decoration: Martin and his friends!


Turning Sixteen!


Turning Sixteen!


While turning sixteen has got to be at the stage of having "more fun, but little responsibilities", we have walked a journey and are greatly humbled by the little milestones we've had achieved (for those who have been following us, thank you!). Today, as a budding "teenager", we would like to share with you some of the 16 iconic designs we've done over the years. Some may have been forgotten, some designs so evergreen that you'll wonder - Wait,what? you mean you guys started this?




1. The Humble Pheonix

1 copy.jpg

While most brides dream of an all white wedding gown, Amanda took it a step further and played with colours! Did we also mention she is the first designer locally to weave colours onto wedding gowns? Check out the fusion of a classic mandarin collar, with a modified A-line dress, befitting for a modest and modern lady indeed. 


2. Red + white


The iconic colour combination.

And we're not talking about our national colour here. Not all of you may know, the classic combination of red (an auspicious colour for Chinese), and white (classic colour for wedding gowns) that followed suit, started from this quilted cheongsam with red chantilly details Amanda created back in her early days. The design is so classic, that we pulled it out again for our recent styled shoot here, and it still looked like it fitted in into today's context!


3. Greens and prints

3 .JPG

When "safe" colours such red or pink were widely favored, Amanda boldly recommended a striking combination of forest and pear green, and not forgetting the leave motifs on this fabric (talk about a botanical themed wedding today!). This colour choice was such a hit, that it opened new channels for brides looking for "out of the norm" colours as their evening wear.


4. The Soft Ruffles

4 (overlays, soft textures).JPG

The one design that Amanda did so many versions of it, that she admitted she did grow a little "scared" when brides wanted it after that. The right amount and proportion of soft textures (ruffles) that Amanda put into every bride was so immaculate, that it won the hearts of many hopeless romantics. 


5. The Bold One


Fans of Audrey Hepburn would have been familiar with the stunning embroidered gown she wore in the movie "Sabrina". Greatly awed and inspired by the dress in the movie, Amanda's version of the gown did open a path for bolder designs and colour combinations. Prior to this, no one could picture how stunning a hand drawn motif (not to forget it's hand embroidered too!) could have look on a gown, much less for their own wedding. Forget the taboo (black is considered inauspicious to the Chinese), the black and white combination has since, and still is, the icon of an Amanda Lee design. 


6. Fluidity and Strength


What was seen deemed as a fairly "dull" colour turned out to be one of Amanda's favourite to work with. The colour, brown, gives a bold hue to the overall design, and when layered with softer textures, give an clever juxtaposition of fluidity and strength. 


7. Your Royal Highness


After red and black, magenta was the next widely sought- after colour back in mid 2000s. Since the launch of the previous styles, most brides that came straight to Amanda loved her direction for design. Magenta was a hit because of its association to bold, regal, and romance.


8. A Twist to the norm


In 2007, Amanda expanded and opened her second boutique in the heart of the city. This also took a slight shift in direction, as brides began exploring a more simplistic, but detailed design as shown in the ad campaign here. This campaign was widely received for its bold use of details; a combination of design elements, yet portraying a rather clean and elegant look at the same time. 


9. Hail to the Queen!


 As compared to her choice of colours in the early 2000s, these pieces here spoke a great deal of sweet, sultry, and dramatic all at once. Brides love the bit of drama in the designs, great to bring out their inner personality, yet not losing the poise of a Queen.


10. East X West


This contemporary gown that spoke boldly of rich hand drawn embroidery, delicate lace appliqués, and dramatic peacock motifs. One of our most well loved " East meets West" designed remained one of Amanda's iconic design till today.


11. Regal hues


Turning to more romantic hues like the Tiffany blue and daffodil yellow, Amanda embraced beauty in all forms; a blooming flower, a branching vine. Think dignified, sophistication, regal, and romantic. 


12. The Bold Princess


Toga, crystals embellishments, layers, textures etc etc... following this campaign, brides became more receptive of asymmetrical details, and began exploring interesting design elements. The classic ballgown also took a twist here. There’s just enough “oomph” in the design that somehow still gives a youthful and elegant look, which worked very well for our brides.


13. The Classic Evolves


Following raved reviews of embroidered and lace contrast details in the early 2000, Amanda took a turn and modernise the classic in 2010. Urbanisation, sophistication... now brides prefer to shy away from a rather sweet- natured look, and seek a change in a typical “bridal look”, with a touch of glamour and style.


This also includes having artistic textures (think rope twisting/ twines/ and pleated materials) does align great with an avant- garde or edgy bride. Tone on tone textures, one of our evergreen style that we’ve weaved into many of our brides’ designs today.  


14. Little Nonya

female ad sept' 14 v3 (confirm FINAL) cropped.jpg

Always loving the vibrance and opulence in a Peranakan culture, this range took inspiration and colours from beauty of the culture, modernised into a wearable separate. We're seeing lots of colours, textures, hand weaved into these pieces... Well loved by our brides who love that inject of culture and sassiness into their dresses! 


15. The artist


We just can’t shy away from detail works can we? Cut- outs and hand embroidery that gives a bold artistic look to the style. Amanda’s latest iconic design gives nod to what we perceive as “wearable art” as some of you may have seen in our styled shoot here.

 Photo courtesy of AndroidsinBoots

Photo courtesy of AndroidsinBoots


16. Hana

 Photo courtesy of Daniel Beh

Photo courtesy of Daniel Beh


When "Hana" was launched in 2016, brides were drawn to the delicate details and over the sheer bodice. It was so feminine, captivating, and charming that it won the hearts of many of our brides.


Playing with colours were still a thing we did, but we brought it down to a much gentle, softer hue.
Till today, many of our brides still draw inspiration from this collection to create the gown of their dreams. 

To single out 16 iconic designs from what we've created over the years is no small feat. Branching from one Resident Designer (Amanda) in 2002, till three designers we have today, each piece we have created is touched by our utmost love for beauty.

Throughout the years, we have many people to thank for their support over the years. Their works listed above (not in any particular oder), special thanks to:
Eric Er (Attitude), Sophia Chia, Gin Tan, Joanne Low, Kuang (39 East Photography), Ching Lee, Jyue Huey and Bobbie (The Make Up Room), Ashley (hair styling), Kin Leong,  Steve Thio, Female Brides, Vernon (Stylist), Vik Lim (Stylist), Daniel Beh, AndroidsinBoots, Flour, Marie Genevieve Soh...

+ many that we will love to extend our thanks to individually, but the list will have to go on...and on... for those who have been there for us, you guys know who you are, we love you all. 

You'll be seeing a lot more of what we have in store for you through 2018 as we celebrate our Sweet Sixteen!
Stay tuned!

Meet our designers here!




Adeline & Amos


Adeline & Amos


We first met Adeline and Amos back in 2016, and first impression that caught us was the bubbly and sweet-natured character of the bride. Just like any other girl, Adeline dreamed of her wedding as a romantic affair, dressed in a classy tulle ballgown, with a dashing groom standing at the altar. But there's something else about this couple that caught us... their love and kindness, not only to each other, but the way it extends to the people around. 

After the wedding, we're glad they've turned from clients to friends, and going through their wedding photos gives us so much feels..

Scroll down, you'll know what we mean. 

A dash of blue and 3D appliqué was added to the wedding gown, designed for Adeline's sweet-loving character.

Despite having to get up before daybreak and getting only 2 hours of sleep, the couple was filled with energy that day and could not wait to marry each other.


" I missed my wedding! Despite only having 2 hours of sleep, I was actually very excited and I was full of energy. I couldn’t wait for Amos to see me in my gown because it was kept as a surprise from him until the actual wedding! I have never felt more loved with all the blessings! "  - Adeline

"I would never have thought that I could finally marry my best friend. I was really nervous! My heart was so overwhelmed. Also, knowing I had a surprise song item for Adeline, made me even more anxious. "  - Amos


So tell us, how did you guys meet!

" We met at our workplace. To be honest, I didn’t take much notice of Amos initially. If not for a technical glitch of the workplace system, our paths would not have crossed. Amos actually knew he liked me the second time we met & he made the first move with my favourite drink – iced coffee! He would place a cup of iced coffee on my desk every single morning without fail. I am proud to say he knows the way to my heart! "  -Adeline



The weeping groom at the altar was one of the "highlights" of the wedding. The single image that Adeline excitedly showed us after the wedding and had a good laugh over! But jokes aside, it also made our hearts so full, and bringing back to the core of why we keep doing what we do, because at one point or another, we all wish to have lived for a moment like this.


" When the doors opened, I have never felt more touched and happy, knowing that the love of my life would be walking towards me – into this adventure of a lifetime! I have never felt more blessed and loved, knowing that I can finally marry Adeline – in front of all our families & friends. I was overwhelmed with emotions seeing Adeline in such a pretty gown! "  - Amos


" I was nervous standing outside while waiting for the cue to march in! I couldn’t help but tear when I saw Amos crying! All the happy faces clapping for us, seeing Amos ready to receive me as his bride made me felt like all the anticipation was well worth it! I just wished I could run to Amos when the door opened! Hahaha! "  - Adeline

A+A-545 (1).jpg
A+A-652 (1).jpg

Another highlight of the wedding was when Amos surprised Adeline with a song item during their second march- in.


" Six months before the wedding, I had decided to surprise Adeline by singing a song at our banquet. Of course, knowing that her favourite singer was Jay Chou – I was sure I wanted to surprise her with a Jay Chou song. I sang 告白气球 with my very poor Chinese & I was glad I plucked up the courage to do it! The smile on her face was all worth it! And Adeline salvaged my out of tune singing when she sang along too! It was really very memorable! "  - Amos


When asked about the choice of her gowns, Adeline recalled how she always fancied a mermaid- cut gown, but didn't have the nerve to try it. 

" I knew I wanted a mermaid-cut gown – something I would never have dared to try. I wanted to find something that I would feel comfortable in – something that screams “Adeline”. When Amanda launched their “Something Blue” collection, I knew I had to have my evening gown in a shade of my favourite colour – blue! I was always afraid that I would look bulky with a mermaid-cut. However, (somehow) Amanda managed to effortlessly make me look like a princess on my wedding day!  - Adeline


The lovely couple also spoke about their experience with us at Amanda Lee Weddings...

" I enjoyed every fitting session! Amanda was meticulous & she really made sure I looked my best even during fittings! Her eye for detail & the advices she gave really helped me to enjoy the gown making process! Pearlyn & Miah were very nice companions to have while trying on my gown! I felt like we really became friends after all the chit chatting sessions during my fitting! Thank you Amanda & team!"  - Adeline

" It was definitely an awesome experience! Both Amanda and Miah was patient to help me with the fittings and gave me tips on how to look my best on my wedding day. Adeline & myself were really impressed with how their service was so dedicated to each couple!"  - Amos


Thanks for having us walk your journey Adeline and Amos! 
May your love grows stronger with each passing day. 

Wedding gowns and suit / Amanda Lee Weddings

Photographer / Stanstills

Hair and make up artist / Adeline Ariel.L Hair & Makeup

Flowers / Lavender Love Florist

Venue / Toa Payoh Chinese Methodist Church (Lunch Holy Matrimony) and Hilton Singapore (Dinner Banquet)

Event styling & Decoration / Hallmark Flowers & Gifts (florals for church pews) and 1011 Productions (Dinner Banquet)