Little Things That Matter


Little Things That Matter


They say in life and love, it's the little things that matter. And we agree.

At Amanda Lee Weddings, we pride ourselves in making gowns that make a statement.
The bold may steal the show, but nothing captures your glow like a gown that dazzles.


Brides who have worked with us know we are devoted to detail. From pen to paper, form to fabric, we are committed to creating the gown of your dreams. But a gown isn't fully complete, until it captures the glow of a bride, and brings it out effortlessly.

Some call this the finishing touch, we call it purposeful beadwork.

Just like adding a cherry on top of a decadent cake, we add beading to our gowns for that something extra. But we know there's a fine line between sparkly and gaudy, so we keep things elegant by adding beading only where it feels right.

An illusion lace-top dress lined with Chantilly lace and layered with coral monochrome beads.

An illusion lace-top dress lined with Chantilly lace and layered with coral monochrome beads.

The right beadwork turns heads.
Sometimes patterned with lace, beading puts the spotlight on details of the design by giving it texture.
We like to draw focus to our favourite lacework by layering it with intricate, complementary beads.

A couture Cheongsam, lined with elegant corded lace and luminous beads.

A couture Cheongsam, lined with elegant corded lace and luminous beads.

Beading gives your gown colour and contrast.
Brides who are adventurous can opt for beadwork that not only glitters, but differentiates. 

A sequined mermaid gown with corded lilac lace, brought to life with scattered yellow beads.

A sequined mermaid gown with corded lilac lace, brought to life with scattered yellow beads.







Beading creates dimension.
We believe in beadwork that brings out the best of your features. A well-made dress starts with a well-tailored form, but adding beading can accentuate your lines and curves.






An animal-printed couture Cheongsam lined with blue luminous beads for a wild dazzle.

An animal-printed couture Cheongsam lined with blue luminous beads for a wild dazzle.






But most of all, we like to keep beadwork fun.
We love to experiment, and every gown we make allows us a different form of expression.
Beading enhances the beauty of a gown, making it come alive.








Nothing can dull the shine of an Amanda Lee Wedding gown.
Let us help you create yours.


Get hands-on with us, at our next workshop of the year as we share with you our love for beading! 

Dazzling Sparkle
Sunday, 30 July 2017
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Andaz Studio - DUO Tower, Level One, 5 Fraser Street, Singapore 189354

Click here to register.

Until then, keep dazzling!



Designer Feature: Amanda Lee


Designer Feature: Amanda Lee


In the first of this three-part designer feature series, we get acquainted with the lady whose name built the brand itself - Amanda Lee. Ambitious and passionate, Amanda sets the standards high for this homegrown boutique; every gown made by her team an art piece of its own. Brides who have worked with Amanda personally, know her for her candid outlook on both life and fashion, but here's what else you should know about Amanda Lee Weddings' boss lady.

They say artists are born crazy, but for Amanda, a little eccentricity has certainly come a long way.

At the brand's inception, Amanda Lee Weddings' first collection was known for its boldness in making brides wear colour. It was her way of giving brides a chance to show character, depending on the colour they chose to pair with classic white. It was also the first time, they got a peek of who Amanda was.

"My style is simple, elegant and bold. I believe a designer should be able to create, no matter the design brief." 

From then, Amanda Lee Weddings quickly became the forefront of bridal fashion; helping brides make bolder gown choices and making heads turn. The rest they say, is history.




"I was very fond of sculpting and painting during my days in art school. It has always been my aspiration to create a range of art-related gowns, and I was finally given an opportunity to fulfill this fantasy."


When you ask Amanda who inspires her to create, you can be almost certain she'd name Henri Matisse and Roy Lichtenstein.

Evidently as you read on, this feature showcases three gowns out of a capsule collection she created wholly inspired by two of these great Modernism artists. 

"Their paintings, painting techniques and choice of colors inspire me immensely. If time permits, I could keep on churning and extend the collection."




"At the beginning of my design career, I was a minimalist. As time passed, I started to explore colors, textures, textiles, cuts, toiling with little details."





As Designer-in-Chief, Amanda takes on the task of setting the tone and vision for each collection made. Always eager to explore and break fashion frontiers, she ensures that every gown in each collection is unique and alluring for the bride whose wedding visionary matches it.




Why bridal fashion?

"I enjoy the process of a gown being specially designed, individually custom-made, and nicely fitted to a bride. When I see their face light up with joy, I feel contented."


With fast-changing fashion trends, Amanda constantly finds herself working one step ahead to jump on the next wave, while having to be right on point of what's current as well. 

"I do not like to be a typecast designer, who can only do one style. I'm like my own rebel, constantly pushing my boundary, challenging myself to create different styles for the world of diverse personalities."

When asked who was the perfectionist of the team, Amanda claimed the title herself.

And Miah and Pearlyn can only smile and agree (haha).

We also found out a little known fact about her, that only further justified her passion for the craft.

For her own wedding, Amanda designed all four of her gowns, in addition to the gowns she wanted to make for the women in her family. How exactly did she juggle that and business then, we're not sure, but it does prove how much this lady loves a good challenge.

Borrowing the likes of Hollywood glamour, Amanda and now-husband Joe, who is also her partner in the business, left every wedding detail to their most trusted allies, paying attention only to making outfits for both their families.

The couple also wanted to keep both their wedding outfits a secret from their guests for that added mystery, and intentionally left their families out during the process of fitting each other. Amanda and Joe got to witness the first look of surprise on their faces as they marched in, but they were the ones truly swept away. Every last detail of the wedding exceeded their expectations, and they couldn't be more moved by the love they received from friends and family who helped to make that night special.

"I loved it.
It may not be the perfect wedding, but it’s an awesome memory that I will not trade for anything else in the world." 

Finally, advice from Amanda herself, to brides looking to wear Amanda Lee:

"Have some thought about how you would  like to portray yourself on your wedding day, and keep an open mind for our designers to advise and assist you."

Find out more about Amanda and her creations at Amanda Lee Weddings by making an appointment with us.

See you soon!

Full photography and editorial done by Charmian Tan


Styled Shoot: Pearl of The Orient

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Styled Shoot: Pearl of The Orient


Like true romances that weather every storm, meticulously fabricated pearls too, stand the test of time.

Amanda Lee Weddings presents Pearl of The Orient - a collection put together with classic coutures designed by Amanda Lee herself over the years. The Designer-In-Chief's couture designs remain timeless in an age of ever-changing fashion trends;
each piece reinventing the class of the woman who wears it.

Delicate blooms meet vintage elegance in this cheongsam couture.


Tradition meets sensual in this pearl piece. One of the first couture gowns Amanda Lee ever created, this regal number elevates class yet keeps things fun and bold - perfect for the modern woman.

"Find me in all the places I blush crimson."


"The man on the street might tell you not to overdo it, but don't be afraid to be a little crazy."

Sequin on animal print speaks volumes of the modern-day woman - she says yes to adventure and keeps them coming back for more. And when you say "dress to impress", a little faux fur never hurts.

"Nothing like contemporary madness and a whole lot of sparkle."

"Let the finer things in life take center stage."


Eastern elegance meets Western charm in this one-of-a-kind couture mermaid.


Feel like modern royalty when you put on this white couture cheongsam,
your silhouette perfectly accentuated with abstract blue accents.
Then let tulle do the talking.

"And as always, be like the wine you fancy."

In this styled shoot, we brought out the best of Amanda Lee's couture gowns, made over the years and inspired by the ever-changing concept of being a woman in this age. Admirably adventurous yet courting the conventional, each gown represents a uniqueness that reminds us just why we love our craft.

Whether you've grown with us over the years or just jumped on our bandwagon, thank you for your support.
We can't wait to continue creating with you.

Art Direction / Amanda Lee

In collaboration with

Photography / Kai from KAI PICTURE

Hair & Make-up / Marie from 27a using Inga Cosmetics

Space Styling & Flowers / Flour

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