After Sally said "yes!" to Kylan atop Osaka's iconic landmark, the Tempozan Ferris Wheel, the pair embarked on a wedding journey that was just as representative of their love and chemistry together.

Sally and Kylan wanted their loved ones to feel as comfortable witnessing their union as they were tying the knot, and thoughtfully divided the celebrations into two on the same day; a traditional Chinese banquet lunch for their families, followed by a stylish dinner party thrown just for their closest at the Grand Hyatt Singapore.

With a full day of celebrations to plan ahead of them, Sally and Kylan hoped to work with a bridal boutique that was ready to dress them stylishly and comfortably. Sally, like every bride, was searching for her dream gown.

How did you decide on your gown for the wedding?

I wanted a natural look. It took me a really long to find the right wedding gown. In fact, I almost gave up on finding the gown... until I went to Amanda Lee. I had seen a spectacular green evening gown on [your] website and I went down to try it. When I tried it on, it was absolutely breathtaking, fabric and all. That was all the convincing I needed so I signed with [Amanda Lee Weddings] immediately.

Even though I signed without seeing a white gown I liked yet, I wasn’t too worried. The green evening gown was just too much to pass up! About half a year later, they released their next collection and it didn’t take me long to find my dream wedding gown.

Wedding preparations can be stressful for every couple eager to perfect their big day, but Sally and Kylan kept themselves on their toes right since the proposal happened.

"We had a 2 year engagement period which we felt was very important. We wanted to make sure that we were truly ready to commit to each other before getting caught up in the whole whirlwind of wedding planning and forgetting what marriage really is about. I guess that was our reality version of a marriage prep course." - Sally

"Another very important outcome of the wedding planning is a reminder of how lucky we are; that we have so many people who care and love us unconditionally. It’s really nice to see how much time and effort our family and friends put in to make our wedding memorable." - Sally

How was your experience with Amanda Lee Weddings?

Excellent! We were in really good hands. Miah was our designer and he was very approachable, easy-going and fun to be around. I loved every single fitting session because he always made me feel like a superstar. I wanted a natural look and he was able to suggest many detailed touches to make the gown more beautiful and personal without me having to ask. In fact, he also picked the make-up artist and florist based on my request to look natural, and they couldn’t have been more perfect.

As for Kylan...

"It was a bit tough at first because we didn’t know what kind of look Kylan should go for, but Miah was great at proposing various styles and fabrics to suit my gowns (which Kylan wouldn’t see until actual day). Miah did the measurements and we were very pleased with the end product. It was a very well-made piece and Kylan didn’t have to do much adjustment. Until today, he is still receiving compliments about his suit when he wears them to other events."
- Sally

Sally & Kylan_0952.jpg

"I’m very glad we had those 2 years because our relationship is a lot stronger now. Of course we fought, and over all sorts of things, but I think we can now appreciate the fact that it is not about who wins, but rather how we compromise." - Sally

Here's to a whole lifetime together, Sally and Kylan!

Sally's wedding and evening gown / Amanda Lee Weddings

Kylan's Suit / Amanda Lee Weddings

Photography / Kai by KAI PICTURE

Hair Styling & Make Up / Joey Chen - MakeupByHer

Bride's bouquet / Triceratops (Bouquet and Car) and JM (Lunch and Dinner venues)