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For most couples, planning a wedding of a lifetime often involves deciding on a theme. For Yan Han & Ying Qin, the happy couple decided to do away with the nitty-gritty, and kept their union simple and genuine.

Our bride, Yan Han spent some time searching for the dress before working with Amanda Lee Weddings, convinced by various bridal boutiques to have her gown made-to-measure instead of going for an off-the-rack piece.

"I was actually advised by the service staff at other boutiques to opt for a made-to-measure gown as it was difficult to find a ready-made gown with my preferred design for my height. Yet [Amanda Lee Weddings] could accommodate my needs - I thought Miah's suggestion to wear a two-piece gown was brilliant." 

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With our two-piece off-the-rack gown, we kept the design seamless from top to skirt for Yan Han, and the skirt - a lightweight tulle.

"I loved that the fabric chosen for my beautifully-embroidered top and tulle skirt was light and comfortable, making it a breeze to go for an outdoor photo shoot on my wedding day, and allowing me to mingle freely with my guests without constantly worrying about tripping over my gown."

"I wanted my dream wedding gown to be comfortable – allowing for ease of movement and fuss-free outfit changes – without compromising on design. My chosen gown was such a good fit for me that several of my friends & family thought it was custom-made." - Yan Han

When asked if there were any memorable moments while planning for the wedding, Yan Han recalls discovering her then-fiancé's on-camera charisma during their pre-wedding photoshoot.

"I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my cool & reserved husband Ying Qin was a natural in front of the camera. It turned out that I was the more camera-shy one who felt self-conscious about posing in public. Thankfully Ying Qin was able to help me "loosen up" with his jokes and funny antics. Our photographer [Kai from Visual Momentos] was also very patient throughout and he was able to capture some of our candid moments beautifully."

How was your experience with Amanda Lee Weddings?

Yan Han: Working with Amanda Lee Weddings was one of the most enjoyable parts of my wedding prep journey. I looked forward to every gown fitting session because the ALW team always delivered very warm & personal service, and the cozy setting made it a very exclusive experience.

Yan Han stunned the banquet crowd as she made an entrance in her two-piece tulle gown, off-the-rack yet customised to compliment her figure and personality. She worked closely with our designer, Miah, to find what suited her best.

"From the first conversation we had, Miah instinctively knew my preferred style for my wedding gown. I was thrilled that he could "see' the wedding gown I envisioned."

"Miah also encouraged me to explore various wedding dress silhouettes for my evening gown, such as the "mermaid" which I thought I could not pull off. Yet it turned out to very figure-flattering and drew many compliments on my wedding day." - Yan Han

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Lastly, any advice you'd give to brides when looking for their wedding gowns?

Yan Han: It is important to be able to click with the designer of your wedding gown, so that you can communicate your needs & preferences openly. Be patient and enjoy the gown hunting process - you will know when you have found The Gown for you if you look and feel good in it!

To a lovely bride and groom we enjoyed working with - congratulations once again and all the best for your future together, Yan Han and Ying Qin!

Yan Han's wedding & evening gown / Amanda Lee Weddings

Ying Qin's suit / Amanda Lee Weddings

Photography / Kai from Visual Momentos

Hair Styling & Make Up / Joey Chen - MakeupByHer

Bride's bouquet / Fleurlicious

Venue / Parkroyal on Pickering, Singapore

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