In collaboration with our friends at Andaz Singapore once again, we had the opportunity of sharing with you another aspect of our craft - beading. It was an afternoon of sweet treats, elegant beadwork and of course, a whole lot of love! If you attended our workshop, we've got a little surprise for you waiting at the end. ;)

As intricate as it is heartfelt, the beading we create on our gowns are as unique as each bride is. Amanda shared a few of the beadwork she designed for her brides over the years, using different beads and on various fabrics. Our favourite part of every workshop is when we get hands-on - this time we got you to design your very own hanger tags, using beads and by personalising your own couple style.

They say all things done with love are the best kind, and we truly are blown away by the effort and love we saw at our workshop! 

From all of us at Amanda Lee Weddings and Andaz Singapore, we hope you enjoyed our little sharing and learnt more about what we do. Specially for our friends who attended this workshop: Enjoy 20% off wedding gowns and 10% off men's suits when you visit us in the month of August!

Ready for your wedding? We'll see you soon!

In collaboration with

Venue & Catering / Andaz Singapore

Photography / MovingStills