This pair of lovebirds may ring a bell to some of you, as you may have seen them as one of the couple featured in ALW celebrates SG50 project last year! Following the shoot, Jophia and Larry tied the knot on 22nd December 2015, and Jophia looked stunning as ever dressed in an Amanda Lee Weddings gown...

How did you guys meet?

Jophia and I were dancers and we knew each other 12 years ago, back at our dance company. To be honest, we didn't really take notice of each other only until 5 years ago. And strangely, our love story started with a blueberry cheesecake that she baked for our dancemates. I love cheesecake, and her's was definitely above-standard. She even offered me the left-over cheesecake, so I can have them for my supper. Ok, to be precise, it all started with her 'leftover' cheesecake. I started texting her, she started baking more cakes for me and we eventually got together =D - Larry

How was the proposal like?

It was on my birthday and he suggested doing our graduation shoot on that day. The shoot eventually became a birthday surprise with our close friends, and the birthday surprise then became a proposal.
That was the moment of my life, tears of happiness, hugs from my dear friends and laughter everywhere.. my brain just couldn’t digest what had actually happened. Even till now, everything still feels very surreal! - Jophia

What was your inspiration for your wedding?

"According to Japanese lore, folding 1,000 Origami Cranes is truly a labor of love. Tradition holds that the bride who finishes this task, before her wedding day will be richly rewarded with a good and happy marriage. Paying homage to the majestic crane, which mates for life and is said to live one thousand years."

Tale of a Thousand Cranes - the underlying concept of our wedding. Right from the beginning, we knew we wanted a concept which is down to earth and holds a significant meaning. We both felt tying a tale to our wedding theme would possibly bring more life to our wedding. And man, we are glad we made this decision. It definitely feels surreal to be married under the setting of a thousand cranes which symbolises eternal love. It was indeed a labor of love and that experience was indescribable! - Larry

How did you decide on your outfits for the wedding?

We didn't really plan our outfits but we roughly knew the kind of style we are going for. To be honest, many many gowns look gorgeous on magazines, but you really have to try it on to know if it suits you. We have been to a few bridal boutiques and tried quite a bit of gowns, all those 'i-think-this-suits-me' gowns we saw on magazine and internet ended up looking not as ideal as I thought it would be. Sometimes, your dream gown will just 'appear' magically, and you will know and feel it the moment you put it on =D - Jophia

Any advise for brides when doing their bridal gown shopping?

Finding a bridal boutique that suits your style is really important. Every boutique has their own niche, so if you appreciate details, then you should probably find a boutique that does amazing detailing like Amanda Lee Weddings. This will definitely make your bridal gown shopping experience much more enjoyable. All in all, your wedding gown will ultimately speak something about your personality =D So to all lovely brides-to-be out there, have fun and enjoy this entire process, you will miss it when its over! - Jophia

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