Having dressed Tay Kewei for numerous occasions, we were more than thrilled when wedding bell rings for her with Singer/ Athletic coach Alfred Sim!  

Amanda was given the free play to design something unique for our local star, and little did we know that the Art Deco inspired pink and brown evening gown eventually became the theme to work around for Kewei and Alfred's wedding. 

"The idea of the Art Decor theme for my wedding was first inspired by Amanda Lee, who was designing my evening gown. I had left it to the creative genius of Amanda to decide what I should wear, and she gamely and readily took the chance to design something special! Too many times a bride just wants to be beautiful, and not too experimental with their gowns. Amanda took many months, slowly adding embellishments to the gown, and just like an artist that was never satisfied with her work, she made it better everyday right up till my wedding day!" - Kewei

What was the inspiration behind your wedding?

We were swinging between having a free for all, come as you please party where everyone could hang out and jam and sing OR a grand banquet fit for the parents and their guests.

Eventually Alfred came up with this rather amusing idea of a Gala Awards Theme,where we could be awarded "Best Newcomers 最佳新人" and our parents could win "Lifetime Achievement Award 终生成就奖" which sounded befitting of us as singers, so it was a pretty easy decision! 

So how did you guys meet?

We met at Peter Huang's EP Launch, at the Old Parliament House in 2005. Alfred and I were both guest singers at his launch -I sang 新不了情, he sang 你比从前快乐!PS. Peter is now vocal percussionist and leader of MICappella! We went for supper and karaoke as a group, and we got together shortly after in March 2005. 

How did you decide on your gown for the wedding?

I still remember the very first wedding gown I wore was for a photography workshop held by BryanJean photography, and that was none other than an Amanda Lee Weddings gown! I wore a white gown with black floral embellishments and to my surprise, it fitted me perfectly! Amanda Lee also dressed me for my shows on some occasions so when it came to choosing my very own gown for the wedding, it was really a no brainer to work with one of the best in the industry.  

Kewei's evening gown / Amanda Lee

Wedding Planner / Chere Weddings

Photography / Tinydot Photography 

Hair and make up / The Make Up Room