The wedding day itself holds true to the saying of "sometimes not knowing is bliss". We had so many surprises and amazing moments throughout the day, and it's hard to pinpoint our favourite. When it comes to the dinner reception, KC and I were brought away separately to prepare for the grand march in, changing into outfits which we only knew of on the day itself...

JOE_6925 copy.JPG

The groom's first look with his suit

WD_20171221_0044-0010 copy.jpg
WD_20171221_2775-0424 copy.jpg

This time round, KC was surprised (which in turn surprised me too) with a fancy suit- a soft blue suit, with contrasting hand- painted details. His "surprise suit" was also revealed to him just moments before the march in! The fancy bold prints, together with matching shoes (both hand painted by Amanda!), along with the combination of the colours itself was such a bold statement! His verdict on his surprise suit? Those wide grin says it all :D

WD_20171221_2840-0431 copy.jpg

First look... for the bride.
I remember when I first set my eyes on KC and his painted suit, I was so amazed by the colours and the details on the suit (partly because one look I know how much work went into it :P), and looking him at the same time, I felt so proud of this man in front of me, I guessed for no apparent reason...

WD_20171221_2890-0441 copy.jpg

A second transformation to my wedding gown by Amanda and my trusted team. Finally revealing the full gown!

Amanda Lee Weddings dress
WD_20171221_2986-0468 copy.jpg

With team Amanda Lee Weddings!!!


Coming together...

I've tried to envision the kind of wedding I want. The theme, the look, the feel, the dress... I even go to the extend of having separate (secret!) Pinterest boards for the wedding. But somehow or rather, nothing much seems to appeal to me in the most direct form, and everything (always) draws back to the practicality of the space, and the resources we are working with.

JOE_6977 copy.JPG

After striking out many options, and with the help of Amanda herself, we managed to nail down the theme for the wedding- A tropical forest theme. Think lush greeneries, foilage, with a hint of vibrant blooms! Working with HellofromFlour, and with the support of Conrad Centennial Singapore, we brought an outdoor theme into the grand ballroom of Conrad.

JOE_6987 copy.JPG
JON_9849 copy.JPG

Illustration by Grace Ciao

Wedding cake by Baker's Brew

JOE_6908 copy.JPG

Wedding logo and graphic design by Made by Mate

JOE_6885 copy.JPG

Our guests enjoying the tropical foliage bar put together by HellofromFlour. 

Themed backdrop for our guests.

WD_20171221_2723-0415 copy.jpg

The first march in;
onto our adventure

WD_20171221_3044-0480 copy.jpg

With matching bouquet artfully assembled by HellofromFlour to compliment my bespoke gown.

WD_20171221_3103-0492 copy.jpg

A walk to remember

When the door opened for the first march- in, it was also the first time we set our eyes on the full decoration of the ballroom. Throughout the preparations, we left it to the hands of Amanda, with Larry and Jophia (HellofromFlour) to conceptualise and plan the entire set up. 

Amanda Lee Weddings

Everything turned out cosy, lush, yet glamorous- exactly like how I've envisioned. Engulfed by the cheers of our beloved families and friends, we walked down the aisle as Mr and Mrs, hearts tingling with warmth. 

WD_20171221_3153-0502 edit.jpg
WD_20171221_3182-0507 copy.jpg
WD_20171221_3247-0514 copy.jpg
Amanda Lee Weddings

I absolutely loved the double silhouette of the full gown, where the front revealed a form fitted mermaid skirt, and the overlay train attached from my waist not accentuated my waistline (which is great for every ladies!), it also made me felt ultra glamorous on the wedding day!


"Where did all these colours come about!"

The evening gown holds another surprise for me that night.

While I remember Amanda telling me she had problem deciding on the colour of the evening gown for me, as there is no ONE colour that speaks of me... And when I said "I trust you", I honestly left her without a lead...

So when I see the yellow and blush rose gown hanging on the frame, first thought was "Oh my God where did all these colours come about!"
I loved colours, but wasn't sure how KC will respond to it. But when he walked in, the look on his face gave me the assurance that he loved it, and I looked beautiful.

Amanda Lee Weddings

KC in his bespoke Liberty print suit, by Amanda Lee Weddings.

WD_20171221_3462-0554 2 edit.jpg
WD_20171221_3556-0564 copy.jpg
JON_0739 edit.JPG

My sisters (1st and 3rd picture) dressed in ALO and Amanda Lee Weddings respectively.

JOE_7631 copy.JPG
JON_0778 copy.JPG

Love itself is the greatest adventure.
The wedding; a ride on the roller coaster.

WD_20171221_3955-0625 copy.jpg

You take on the ride with excitement, at some point your emotion hits high, but most of the time you're anticipating the next adrenaline. You may not remember every single moment you hit high, take in every scene that comes before you...but at the end of it all, you remember the excitement and the joy, and you remember who took the ride with you.


Through the wedding, KC and I are reminded of the people who loved us, and we count our blessings for all the love that has been showered so dearly upon us. While the wedding holds many element of surprises along the way, we both know that deep down it is a day of celebration of us- how far we've come, and where we are today.
To the people who love us and whom we love, from the bottom of our hearts - thank you.


Part one of our wedding day feature here.


Wedding gowns and suit / Amanda Lee Weddings
Hair and make up / (Marie, Chris), Zann
Photography / Feldbery Images /  LiveStudios
Live Photography (reception + banquet) / LiveStudios
Videography / XD Studios
Floral and event styling / HellofromFlour
Wedding stationery designs and illustrations / Made by MateGrace Ciao
Wedding cake / Baker's Brew Studio
Venue / Conrad Centennial Singapore