Hello! My name is Pearlyn
I'm a designer at Amanda Lee Weddings, and newly minted Mrs Chia.

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I spent the past 8 years designing dresses for beautiful brides-to-be at Amanda Lee Weddings, while dating my now husband, KC. We went out for 6 years before I said "Yes"... and 2 years on, we pledged our love to each other on 21st December 2017. 

While this entry is all about celebrating our marriage, it is also a little journey of how I felt on the day- as a bride. Being involved in the wedding scene for some years, most people would have thought I should have seen it all, and know exactly what I want for myself. Truth to be told, now that the tables have turned, it became extremely difficult for me to narrow down to that one dress. As bizarre as it sounds, sometimes I do believe that the best choice is the only choice.

Hence, with a leap of faith, and along with Amanda, I did something that I believe has never been done for any brides ever...

We decided to have a first look for the bride. Yes, on the wedding day itself.

First looks are usually held as a pleasant surprise for the groom, where he sees the bride in the dress for the first time on the day. Well in my case, I got my version of the first look on the day itself. It was a crazy idea I know! But I agreed to go with this idea from Amanda in a heartbeat because  1. I feel like she (Amanda) knows me better than myself.  2.Faith  3.YOLO!


So here goes...


21st December 2017
Conrad Centennial Singapore

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Our day started slow in the afternoon, and the wedding excitement really builds up when family and friends start to arrive. 


MY first look

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For those who wonder, I was blind folded and wore mittens throughout my fitting sessions (no seeing or even feeling the fabric was allowed!). When it was time for the reveal of the dress, my family and friends were all crowded around, everyone was so excited for me!  
Amanda stepped into the dressing room to help me get into the gown with my eyes closed. I was brought to the mirror, with my eyes still shut. Hearing the "ohhs" and "ahhs" echoing as I stepped out was exciting, yet nerve wrecking, and queasy all at once. I told myself to take in deep breaths, so many times that I lost count. 

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"A myriad of butterflies felt like they were bursting out of me.

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WD_20171221_0477-0052 copy.jpg

" I look like a bride"


That was my first line out.

It took me a brief moment to quickly set aside that the "bride" in the reflection is me. The most incredible feeling hits you at that moment where you see yourself in a white gown specially designed for you. Not just another dress. it's a dress that carries love, hope, and blessings for you. The dream of one day marrying a man that will take you as his bride, to love and cherish you, and guard you with all his heart.

And today was the day. 

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Some of you who tuned in to our "live" feed may recall how I cried for so so long... It was just a long moment of disbelief and joy... it was my bridal moment (little snippets still on @amandaleeweddings IG highlights in case you missed it! #prettyandthebeng). In case you wonder, I LOVE my dress. I love it from the moment I put it on without having to look at it. I love the fact that it's simple but intricate, elegant yet unique, I love the asymmetrical detailing, and most of it, it is definitely the silhouette that I can see myself in. 

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THE first look

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WD_20171221_0903-0090 copy.jpg
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Those who know KC well enough will know that he is a man of few words with big heart. He is also tough, but sentimental towards the people he loves.
During the first look, I tasked my niece the important role of handling him a letter expressing my love, and the little reasons that made me realise he is the one for me. 

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My parents are a pair of typical Asian parents. They spoke little of affection, but loved my sisters and I with all their hearts. 

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My Mum is one of the gentlest soul I know. She is kind, she is warm, and she is a giver. I designed for her an elegant opera mauve dress in silk to match her affable personality. She wore it with so much pride that day, and I could see from her eyes how proud she was of me. 

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With my new family.
KC's family never fail to make me feel like one of them since day one. Through our dating days till now, his sister and parents have been so accepting, easy- going, and loved me like a daughter. My mother-in-law is one joyous lady, bold in a very subtle way. After several discussions, I designed for her a short navy dress with lace appliqué that is comfortable and befitting for the occasion. 


The one whom my soul loves

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From this day on, you shall not walk alone. My heart will be your shelter, and my arms will be your home.

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Blessings from Dr Phua Tan Tee, whom we are so fortunate to have as our solemniser for the wedding day...



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My tea ceremony dress was a clever addition to my existing white gown. Sleeve was added to enhance the overall design, which built up the romantic avant-garde look and feel. 

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Life begins and love never ends...




Part II of our wedding dinner to be continued... Stay tuned! 


Wedding gowns and suit / Amanda Lee Weddings
Hair and make up / 27a.co (Marie, Chris), Zann
Photography / Feldbery Images
Live Photography (reception + banquet) / LiveStudios
Videography / XD Studios
Floral and event styling / HellofromFlour
Stationery designs and illustrations / Made by Mate, Grace Ciao
Venue / Conrad Centennial Singapore