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“White’s classic”, they say. “Keep it classic,” they say. Time and again, we have brides telling us how they loved colours, but were “pressured” in going for an all white gown instead! Here, we have 6 Amanda Lee Weddings brides, who defied all odds and went with their heart’s desire - for love, and for not conforming to the norm.

Si Chyi and Jeremy


If bold colours are not your take, go for a soft blend of pastel like Si Chyi here! Si Chyi’s choice of having colours into her wedding dress is not only fresh, but also check out the length of the hemline! Pair with sneakers and with a quirky detachable skirt worn over, this #amandaleebride here surely kept her gown close to her fun-loving character.

Photographed by Blessed-i Photography

Photographed by Blessed-i Photography


Tina and Nick


Tina’s vision of a romantic garden was transformed onto her wedding gown, where a charming colony of blush, daffodil, and bermuda pink served as a palette for our inspiration. Our hearts swooning over the colours on a halter neckline, complete with an open back that is girlish yet sexy all together.

Photographed by Androids in Boots

Photographed by Androids in Boots

Tina also brought her wedding dress along her honeymoon, this time round without the detachable tulle outer-skirt that she wore on her wedding day! We love the versatility of a wedding gown that is so easily worn again after the big day, and doesn’t she look lovely in this mini number too?

(P.S thanks for sharing these pictures with us Tina!)


Jasmine and Julian

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Now, how about borrowing the classic tale of “something blue” ? This piece that Jasmine picked for herself has got an elegant dose of metallic silver with blue on the bodice, that worked really well with a sleek mermaid skirt to give it a modern touch. Especially interesting with Jasmine’s quirky choice of bouquet (it’s paper flowers guys!), this #amandaleebride sure knows how to create a statement!

IMG (195).jpg
Photography by Androids in Boots

Photography by Androids in Boots


Adeline and Amos


Another take on the “something blue” was seen on Adeline’s wedding gown- where a simple sky blue sash embellished with 3D appliques were worn over a classic ballgown with a modern twist. Our favourite from this pair has got to be their amicable personality, and the way they wore “couple outfits” on the wedding day without being over-the-top. Check out how Amos’ tie matches the sash on Adeline’s gown!

A+A-522 (1).jpg
A+A-545 (1).jpg
Photographed by Stanstills Photography

Photographed by Stanstills Photography


Marie and Nic


The pretty face of our local make-up scene here is definitely no stranger to most in the fashion and bridal industry. Marie Soh, founder of 27A.CO, and cosmetic brand INGA by 27A, went for a bespoke wedding gown with classy chantilly lace and elegant clean lines. What popped was the detailed vibrant appliqué inspired by the bride’s quirky wedding shoes! Talk about injecting lots of personality into a dress!

16113436_10154955369475844_1110913585471144197_o (1).jpg
Photographed by Samuel Goh Photography

Photographed by Samuel Goh Photography


Brenda and Hon Tian


If white is absolutely not your style, why not go for a really soft pastel colour that is easily accepted, yet romantic at the same time? When Brenda came to us, one of her criteria for the wedding gown (other than comfort, which is so important for our modern brides now!), is that it has to be non-white. The creative mind behind wherebilly also had thoughts of repurposing the dress after the wedding, such as trimming it to a shorter length, and to have it in a non-white colour certainly does not scream “bridal” even after her big day!

Photographed by thegaleria

Photographed by thegaleria


Pearlyn and KC


While Pearlyn may not have any knowledge that she was going to have a coloured wedding gown (it was designed by Amanda Lee’s Designer-in-chief, Amanda Lee, and only revealed to her on her wedding day!), I think we can all agree that the hand-painted shades of greens on a wedding gown were both refreshing and eye-catching all at once. For brides who love a does of bold colours, but want to keep the main gown clean at the same time, considering having a detachable something to add on that additional element of “wow” for a part of the ceremony!

Photographed by Feldberyl Images

Photographed by Feldberyl Images


Now that you’ve seen some of our real #amandaleebrides dressed in colours, are you excited to get started on your very own? Colours or not, a wedding gown should be a true reflection of who you are, and what you’re portraying. It should make you feel unique, fabulous, and beautiful all together...

Gathering images from sources is a good way to get inspired, but nothing beats trying on gowns to get yourself started.
So long, we’ll see you in our boutique soon!

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