A+J turns 10!

This July, Amanda Lee, our Designer-in-chief, celebrates her 10th wedding anniversary with her love and business partner, Joe Chua. Guests who attended the wedding then will remember the lavish yet intimate celebration at Four Seasons Singapore. From the spectacular golden frames on stage, to the gleaming red, gold, and black details that adorned the ballroom, every inch of the wedding was what we will call an "instagramable" wedding in today's context. 


Reliving 25th July 2008


The wedding dress,
designed by none other than the bride herself.

Amanda kept the wedding gown away from her colleagues and surprised them only on her wedding day! The layered silk organza and silk duchess ballgown was embellished with Swarovski crystals, featured a toga that was both classy and modern.  


Fresh blooms by Fiore Dorato in gorgeous shades of red and purple, complimented the theme and every of Amanda's dresses. 


Hollywood Glamour
Customised gold frames by Harijanto from Boenga framed some of Amanda's signature designs on stage, along with a portrait of the lovely couple. The ballroom of Four Seasons was transformed into a hollywood affair for the night, with lush blooms and decorations in opulent red, gold, and black.


The little things
A three- tier lychee martini cake from Pine Garden sat beautifully amidst the golds and reds. 
Wedding favours were kept intimate and practical, with a hand-made photo frame by the couple and their team, framing up their pre-wedding shots, taken by Eric Er (Attitude Photography).


Recalling a moment of the night
Joe gave a heartfelt performance by singing "Amanda" (a song by the group Boston). For someone who doesn't like to sing publicly, this came as a sweet surprise for Amanda.


The people and laughters
When spoke about the wedding, Amanda and Joe recalled dragging their feet back to their bridal suite at 1am, wishing the night didn't end. "Looking back...sure, there may be things that could have been better... but to us, it was simply a beautiful and perfect night," Amanda reminisces. 



They say "10" makes a complete cycle, a cycle of wholeness and perfection.
When asked of what keeps the marriage going,  they both simply agreed on "love", "trust" and "partnership". Be it in public or in private, putting two together and forging a new path is a an ever challenging process (till this date, they say), but an immersely fulfilling one. 


Here's wishing Amanda and Joe a happy 10th anniversary and many more great years to come! 

Gowns and suits / Amanda Lee Weddings
Make Up / The Make Up Room (Bobbi)
Hair / Xpect (Sirco), Ashley
Venue / Four Seasons Singapore
Wedding Planning / Kim Tay
Floral and decorations / Boenga (Harijianto)
Bridal bouquet / Fiore Dorato (Brenda)
Photography / Plush Photography (Eadwine) (photos featured here by Eadwine), Attitude Photography (Eric Er), Lee Ching, Kwang, Sherman Ho
Videography / Substance Films (Yang)


Amanda & Joe would also like to take this chance to thank all these lovely people for their friendship and love. All that were mentioned above, and all that made time for them on 25th July 2008, making their day extra memorable.