Graduated from Lasalle SIA, and Western Michigan University (USA), Amanda began working in related field for 6 years before introducing Amanda Lee Weddings to the wedding industry together with her now husband.  

Designers from Amanda Lee Weddings are constantly creating something different, sometimes even edgy. Be it the bold coloured details that they are known of, or the classic romantic ones, they continue to strive and make it a point to differentiate every gown from one bride to another.

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“Every gown personifies a lady to me. They have character and a life. I draw inspirations from things around us in our everyday life and very often from my love of nature and flowers. I regard every single design of ours- a piece of wearable art." 

Amanda believes that with the aid of technology, or by incorporating a traditional technique into modern days, designers now have the free play to create something totally different, enchanting it with an improved version that is suitable for the current circumstances. 


Senior Designer of Amanda Lee Weddings, graduated from LaSalle College of the Arts.
With over 15 years of experience in the bridal industry, Miah has developed a unique style of his own which garnered the attention of many brides-to-be.

Equipped with a creative flair, Miah has his ingenious ways of incorporating elements to his brides’ gowns to create a difference.

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"Brides who are able to articulate their preference to us will help us in selecting the right gown for her. But be open to our professional advice, wedding is a once in a life-time affair, trust the professionals and we can ensure it will be a pleasure and unforgettable experience."

Bold designs are his forte, and with his clever mix of fabrics, colours and intricate details, every creation from Miah speaks of fashion, style and personality. Looking back at his past years, Miah has gained his reputation as a friendly and amicable designer who is individual in his conceptions.  


Designer and MarCom Executive of Amanda Lee Weddings, graduated from Temasek Polytechnic School of Design. 
With over 6 years of experience at Amanda Lee Weddings, the increasingly popular designer has created numerous designs, which left endless praises from her brides. Believing that fashion should never conform, but rather comply to every bride's desire, Pearlyn's cheerful disposition makes her brides' wedding journey a breeze. 

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" Follow your style rather than fashion, let your gown speaks for your style and taste rather than chasing the trend. You can look radiant and stunning even if you're dressed in a simple gown designed to suit your character."   

A dynamic and forward-looking lady with passion, Pearlyn is on the route in seeking and creating endless possibilities.