Hello lovelies, this time we have come together with a group of creative geniuses, to bring you an exquisite experience for you, on your wedding day!

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While many started out as a hobby, Ebenezer from Ppairs Collective is one that took it a notch higher by acquiring his skills via a degree in fresh film major. Since then, he has been capturing fond memories of couples throughout the past 5 years. If you love a good cinematic style that is uniquely inspired by art and culture, Ebe is definitely one to go to!

I believe having good taste is important, only then, will every decision you make contain great value. I especially love to work with couples whose individuality shines.
— Ebe

For more of PPairs Collective’s works and about the team, visit their website or IG @ppairscollective


Josh, the creative individual behind The Beautiful Moment Photography, pursues to capture genuine, heartfelt emotions on his couple's most significant day to remind them that life is truly beautiful.


Mastering the ability to snag the essence of a relationship.. The Beautiful Moment Photography snaps genuine shots of each of his couples' individual story.

The Beautiful Moment is when all things right and good converge. Where a human heart is shown at its most vulnerable. Where the elements conspire to create something beautiful.
— The Beautiful Moment Photography

For more of The Beautiful Moment Photography’s works, visit their website or IG @thebeautifulmomentphoto

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What started off as a deep passion for designs and creating all things beautiful, Larry and Jophia, the brains and brawn behind hellofromflour has since become one of our favourite stylist to go to. Couples can expect each creations from the duo to be absolutely unique, heartfelt, an indication of a pure union between two individuals.

We started off from the desire to design and inspire wedding narratives for couples who wants to have more than a ceremony. In this, we discovered that wedding is more than a unification of two into one. An honest and authentic celebration inspires conversation, and this forms the basis of all our designs - we call this wedding experience design.
— Larry and Jophia

For more of hellofromflour’s works, visit their website, or IG @hellofromflour


Every bride’s vision of what she should look like is uniquely her own. To Makeup Pros, makeup artistry is like painting on canvas, each and every canvas (client) is different. Each canvas has a vision, an opinion, and a story, and must be specially prepped, designed and painted on to create a customized and flawless application.

When you look beautiful you feel beautiful, and it’s that kind of happiness that we try to give to women every day
— Makeup Pros

For more of Makeup Pro’s works, visit their website, or IG @makeupprossg


Speaking about going au naturel, Zann from Ready Get Set Glow is surely one that sets you up to “glow” on your big day. Don’t be amused by this funky lady’s constant change in hair colours, Zann is one that you’ll love to hang around with! Her fun personality makes all things merrier, and she’s one that goes all out to enhance the natural glow of a blushing bride. Simplicity is the key, and Zann hits the right note with her delicate brushes.

We believe that our brides should still look like themselves even after styling, just a more “chio” version of course!:D If you are ready to look your best, we are ready to do the rest!
So, let’s glow!
— Zann

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